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ALEPH was created through a merger in 1993 between the P'nai Or Religious Fellowship founded by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in 1962, and The Shalom Center, founded by Rabbi Arthur Waskow in 1983. (In 2005, the Shalom Center became again an independent organization.)

ALEPH is a core institution in the Jewish Renewal movement, dedicated to the Jewish people's sacred purpose of partnership with the Divine in the inseparable tasks of healing the world and healing our hearts.

ALEPH Oral History. Jewish Renewal founders talk about their experience in the early days of P'nai Or/ALEPH. Download the transcript from the Welcoming Ceremony at the 2009 ALEPH Kallah.


ALEPH supports and grows the worldwide movement for Jewish renewal by organizing and nurturing communities, developing leadership, creating liturgical and scholarly resources, and working for social and environmental justice.

ALEPH has attracted and energized thousands of seekers returning to Judaism, including many whose journey has led them through other spiritual traditions.

ALEPH's affiliated projects include:

In addition to its affiliated projects, ALEPH enjoys a mutually supportive sister-organization relationship with:

  • OHALAH: The Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal.


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ALEPH On-line Member Discussion and Announcement Lists

The ALEPH Member Discussion list, aleph-pnai-or, is a dymanic and diverse community of Jewish renewal activists, teachers, authors, artists and seekers engaged in lively discussions of topics ranging from Jewish culture and history to text study, current events and more. To join, contact list manager, Rabbi Jeff Marker <>. You must be a current ALEPH member to participate. Please read the terms and conditions of participation before joining.

ALEPH also provides an announcement list, aleph-re-news, with monthly reports and periodic updates on programs, events and resources of interest to Jewish renewalists.

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