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Main Contact

ALEPH Administrative Office
7000 Lincoln Drive #B2
Philadelphia, PA 19119-3046

Tel:  215-247-9700

Fax: 215-247-9703

Office open M-F, 10-5, Eastern US time.

Please note specific staff hours.



Bookkeeping ext. 25
Membership & Donations ext. 25
Operations ext. 23
Ordination Program ext. 21
Registration ext. 21


Joe Laur
Executive Director
Wendell, MA
Office Hours: M-W, 9-5

David Brown
Director of Operations
Office Hours: M-F, 9-5
215-247-9700 ext. 23

Shir Yaakov Feit
Director of Engagement & Website

R. Victor and R. Nadya Gross
Directors of Programs
215-247-9700 ext. 18

Ming Shem Lu
Ordination Program Administrator & Program and Retreat Registrations
Office Hours: M-F 2-5
215-247-9700 ext. 21

R. Marcia Prager
Dean & Director of
ALEPH Ordination Program
Contact Ming Shem Lu
215-247-9700 ext. 21

Lynda Simons
Finance and Membership Coordinator
215-247-9700 ext. 25

Military and Prison Chaplains

Requests for kosher food, holiday supplies, and social services should be referred to the unrelated Aleph Institute.

To contact them by email:

Board Members




R. Jeremy Parnes, Regina, SK, Canada

Vice Chair

David Evan Markus, Chappaqua NY


David Ravsky, San Diego, CA

Joan CookeBradford, VT




Susan Raskin Abrams, Wayland, MA

David Abramowitz, Bethesda, MD

R. Aura Ahuvia, Ann Arbor, MI

R. Rachel Barenblat, Williamstown, MA

Judith Dack, Boulder, CO

R. Malka Drucker, Santa Fe, NM

R. David Ingber, New York, NY

Evan Krame, Rockville, MD

Martin Potrop, Berkeley, CA

Janice Rubin, Houston, TX

Jade Netanya Ullman, New York, NY

R. Greg Wolfe, Davis, CA


Meet ALEPH's Board Members

(pics & bios)

ALEPH Directory

ALEPH Ordination Program

For preliminary information, contact

Ming Shem Lu

215-247-9700, ext. 21

Va'ad (Directors and Faculty)

R. Marcia Prager

Dean & Director of ALEPH Ordination Program

R. Daniel Siegel

Associate Dean

R. Leila Gal Berner, PhD

Dean of Students

R. Steven Silvern, PhD

Dean of Administration

Hazzan Jack Kessler

Director of Cantorial Program

Rabbinic Pastor Shulamit Fagan

Director of Rabbinic Pastor Program

R. Shohama Wiener, DMin

Rosh Hashpa'ah and Founding Director of Hashpa'ah Spiritual Direction Program

R. Nadya Gross, MA

Director of Hashpa'ah Spiritual Direction Program

R. Shawn Israel Zevit
Associate Director of Hashpa'ah Spiritual Direction Program

Directors of Studies
R. Sami Barth

R. Leila Gal Berner
R. Elliot Ginsburg

R. Victor Gross
R. Shaya Isenberg

R. Daniel Siegel

R. Steven Silvern

R. Shawn Israel Zevit


ALEPH Sage-ing Project
R. Shaya Isenberg, Gainesville, FL
Bahira Sugarman, Gainesvile, FL
Lynne Iser, Philadelphia, PA

C-DEEP Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Pratices
R. Shefa Gold
Rachmiel O’Regan, Jemez Springs, NM 

Ruach HaAretz Retreat
R. Victor & R. Nadya Gross, Erie, CO

ALEPH Listserves

List Manager
R. Jeffrey Marker


Address Ethics Concerns to