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Remembering Reb Zalman

Omni Interlocken Hotel &
The Boulder Theater —
August 15-17, 2014

Dear chevra, dear friends,

Now more than ever — because of our beloved Reb Zalman's passing — now more than ever we need one another.  Together, in the same place, sharing his stories and his teachings, singing his songs and his way of davenning, his way of loving and grieving, his way of laughing and wailing, honoring Reb Zalman's way that resides within each of us.  

Now more than ever, we need one another.  

Now we need to be together once again, or for the first time, to experience Shabbat in just the way Reb Zalman opened for us.  We need to be together, brothers and sisters, long-lost cousins, to mourn and feel deeply what it means to be human in the all the ways Reb Zalman made alive for us.    

Some of us haven't been together since the days of Havurat Shalom in Somerville, or the days of the original Bnai Or, or the house on Emlen Street in Philadelphia that served as Beit Bnai/Pnai Or, or the holiday retreats at Fellowship Farm in Pottstown, or the days of Elat Chayyim in Accord, or Isabella Freedman in Falls Village, or the "moveable feast" that is the Kallah or Ruach HaAretz, or the annual gathering of Renewal Rabbis, Cantors, Spiritual Directors, and Rabbinic Pastors.    

Perhaps you never came to any of these gatherings, but you heard about them and always yearned to be embraced by a family that learned to love from a master.  We are that family.    

Come now and be together with the whole extended mishpacha to remember and grieve and honor our beloved Rebbe, teacher, and friend. We will remember Reb Zalman over the weekend of August 15-17th near and in Boulder, CO.  

Experience a joyous Shabbat, even amidst sorrow, and a "Shloshim" gathering Saturday night and Sunday that will invite both our laughter and our tears.  

If you haven't yet registered, please do so today.  If you are having second thoughts about a gathering without Reb Zalman present, come and be present yourself as part of this great assembly of his legacy, each of us entrusted with our piece to carry forward.  Come and be counted.  Come to gather strength for your own journey, to honor Reb Zalman’s journey, and to further his work in all the worlds.

Rabbis Phyllis Berman, Tirzah Firestone, Elyse Seidner-Joseph, and Janice Rubin, 
Planning Committee