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Reb Zalman's Heart Psalms Now Available


Kallah 2016

We have been receiving excited inquiries about when and where Kallah will be held in 2015. Because we are retooling Kallah to make it an even better event, the ALEPH Board, upon staff recommendation, has chosen to hold the next Kallah in late June or early July 2016.

We are holding space for now at Colorado State University in Ft Collins, CO, the site of some previous Kallot.

But if you were longing for a hit of Jewish Renewal community and festival next summer, don’t despair! Ruach Ha’aretz will be held, likely on the east Coast next summer.

And there are plans in the works for a commemorative event marking the 25th anniversary of the Dharamsala meetings, chronicled in the Jew In the Lotus, when Reb Zalman, z”l, a number of other prominent rabbis and Jewish teachers and His Holiness the Dalai Lama met and shared a deeply ecumenical time together.


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