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ALEPH, along with Elat Chayyim and the Yesod Foundation are the three "spiritual children" of Reb Zalman, charged by him with the continuation of his legacy and teachings.



    is a registered non-profit society in Canada, bringing a stronger and more active Jewish Renewal presence to Canada and offering retreats, Shabbatonim, distance learning courses and downloadable resource materials.
  The Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality  
    originally a project of ALEPH, is now a program of the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center teaching experiential approaches to Jewish learning, ritual and prayer that help participants in their search to cultivate the awareness of the Divine presence in all aspects of life.
  The Yesod Foundation  
    brings the deep wisdom of the Jewish tradition to contemporary culture  by providing local and regional educational and community-building programs in Boulder, Colorado and by partnering with ALEPH in projects designed to preserve, develop and disseminate the life work of our mutual founder, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, for our own and future generations.

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COEJL A Light Among Nations Campaign works within the Jewish community on the pressing issue of climate change.

The Green Zionist Alliance works to educate and mobilize a Diaspora voice for Israel's environment; to support Israel's environmental movement; to inspire peoole to work for change.

Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief coordinates the responses of a broad coalition of Jewish organizations to natural or human-made disasters, on a non-sectarian basis. ALEPH is a general  member of this Coalition.

Mayyim Chayyim International Mikveh Conference 2. October 10-12 2010. Download overview of conference .

The Shalom Center Green Menorah Covenant to heal our planet and our human race from the climate crisis of global scorching. There are three aspects of the Covenant: hands-on action by congregations and congregants to reduce CO2 emissions on their own; infusion of Jewish festivals, life-cycle events, prayers, and education with eco-consciousness (see Covenant of Elijah for bar/bat mitzvahs); and advocacy for change in public policy.

WUJS Israel Hadassah provides the ultimate Israel Experience for young Jewish adults from around the world. Newly based in the simultaneously ancient, historic and modern cities of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, WUJS Hadassah provides you with the opportuinity to combine study, volunteering and professional internships, all within a dymanic, safe environment. Whether you want to study the Hebrew language, volunteer with special needs children or find an internship in one of Israel's leading companies or organizations, the WUSJ Israel Hadassah program will give you the framework to succeed. For moreinformation, please visit

Eligibility is for Jewish college graduates between ages 21-35.Participants at WUJS can qualify for scholarships from Project MASA.

Jewish Prisoners Services International  provides direct spiritual, outreach and advocacy services for Jewish prisoners and their loved ones while concurrently working in conjunction with several major Jewish organizations and social service agencies. Assistance is rendered throughout the United States, Canada, Israel and elsewhere around the globe. Resources include Chaplaincy Guide and volunteer opportunities.


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