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Renewal Teachers in Alphabetical Order
  Rabbi Chava Bahle Rabbi Goldie Milgram
  Rabbi Rachel Barenblat Rabbi Reuben Modek

Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener

Rabbi Marcia Prager
  Rabbi Malka Drucker Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael
  Rabbinic Pastor Shulamit Fagan Rabbinic Pastor Simcha Raphael
  Rabbi T'mimah Ickovits Ruth Broyde Sharone
  Rabbi Shaya Isenberg & Bahira Sugarman Rabbis Arthur Waskow & Phyllis Berman
  Lynne Iser Rabbi Shohama Wiener
  Rabbi Debra Kolodny Rabbi David Zaslow

Teachers wishing to participate in this listing must be members in good standing of OHaLaH: Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal or the OHaLaH Rabbinic Pastors' Association, students in good standing in the ALEPH Rabbinic, Cantorial, Rabbinic Pastor or Hashpa'ah (Spiritual Direction) programs, employees of ALEPH or spiritual leaders of ALEPH-affiliated communities.

Before applying for inclusion on thispage, please download and read Terms of Participation.

All teachers listed on this page are signatories to the ALEPH Professional Code of Ethics. Complaints or concerns may be addressed to the ALEPH or OHaLaH Ethics Committee by contacting Rabbi Phyllis Berman at ethics@aleph.org.


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