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ALEPH considers Tikkun Olam (the healing of the world) and Tikkun HaLev (the healing of the heart) two inseparable aspects of its work.

ALEPH initiates independent tikkun olam projects and also endorses other Jewish, non-sectarian or inter-faith initiatives. The ALEPH board welcomes invitations from other organizations for endorsements that are consistent with our mission and Statement of Principles. The procedure for submitting a proposal to ALEPH for endorsement is described in the ALEPH Policy on Endorsements.

In addition to our own projects, ALEPH is active in many interfaith and Jewish community wide efforts to heal the planet, seek peace and work for justice. ALEPH participates in the following efforts, either through direct action, endorsements or sponsorship. The list is always growing:

Pursuing Peace:

ALEPH Israel Tours and Interfaith Peace Tours.

"Relearning Heschel, Rebirthing King, Re-Inaugurating America: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day as a new government takes office," January 14, 19, 20, 2009. ALEPH Endorses The Shalom Center's call for a nationwide observance of the confluence of MLK's birthday and the Inauguration Day of President Barack Obama with study, action and commitment to bringing Dr. King's vision to reality.   For more information. To participate in the process please contact --Endorsed December, 2009.

ALEPH Supports balanced approach to peacemaking, joins other Jewish organizations in letter to United Methodist Church 2008 General Synod. --Endorsed, June, 2008

The ALEPH board, along with the board of OHALAH: Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal endorsed an appeal by a broad group of Jewish organizations united by their support for a two-state solution, deep concern fo the suffering on all sides, and opposed to the use of divestment to further peace. Download the full letter.

Interfaith Fast for Peace, October 8, 2007: ALEPH endorsed the Interfaith Fast to End the War in Iraq.

Peace Every Day Initiative: ALEPH endorses the Peace Every Day Initiative. The ALEPH board invites anyone who currently has a meditation practice, as well as anyone looking for an inspiration to start a regular daily practice, to join with this initiative. Launched in November 2003, the goal of Peace Every is to unite a minimum of 8,000 people (while holding the vision of 144,000 or more people) to meditate/pray by becoming the vibration of peace for 40 minutes or more each day at sunrise or sunset.

Healing the Planet:

ALEPH joins dozens of other organizations in supporting the Clean Air Act. (November 1010)

Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief, At its September 7th, 2004 meeting the ALEPH Board voted unanimously to accept the invitation to join the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief as a general member. The JCDR coordinates the responses of a broad coalition of Jewish organizations to natural or human-made disasters, on a non-sectarian basis. ALEPH urges its affiliated communities, members and visitors to support the combined Jewish efforts to respond to worldwide emergencies by participating in the campaigns posted below:

JCDR Response to Earthquake in Chile: Donate to the campaign for aid to Chile.

Continuing AID FOR HAITI: Donate to the JCDR's campaign for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

Volunteers are also needed to secure, sort, pack and ship supplies, both immediately and long term. Check our Volunteer page for details.

Action for Myanmar: Donate to the JCDR's campaign for aid to the cyclone victims in Myanmar, and read the full report on the situation there. You can also read about and contribute to their ongoing relief efforts in Darfur.

Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign. November, 2009. ALEPH endorses the Campaign sponsored by COEJL (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life) and Hazon. Sign the petition and take the pledge to act as an individual, a Jew in community and a responsible citizen.

40th Anniversary Freedom Seder, March 29, 2009. ALEPH endorses The Shalom Center's 40th Anniversary Freedom Seder Project, to bring interfaith moral authority to bear on moving our society past the top-down pharonic powers that today are blocking the path toward a promised land of sustainable community nourished by sustainable sources of energy.--Endorsed December, 2008

Save the Negev Campaign. ALEPH and OHLAH have endorsed the Save the Negev Campaign, in response to "Blueprint Negev" a plan by the Jewish National Fund of the United States (bypassing its Israeli counterpart) to construct US-style housing developments that will displace and exclude non-Jewish (Bedouin) residents and constitute an unsustainable burden on the fragile desert ecosystem. --

Endorsed June, 2008

Read the OHALAH Resolution.

Learn more and sign the petition.

COEJL A Light Among Nations Campaign --Endorsed October 2006

The Shalom Center Green Menorah Covenant --Endorsed October 2006


If they call you rebbe... Reb Daniel Siegel the ALEPH Director of Spiritual Resources provides us with an important and insightful essay on the Rebbe/Hasid relationship.  He teaches, "Both those who believe in the greater significance of the teaching over the teacher as well as those who favor the indispensable need for a living teacher to impart the teaching, have much in common with one another.  All share the pain of confronting the reality of abuses of power that occur within the larger worlds in which Torah is taught and, indeed, in the whole world of spiritual practice." 

The Sacred Foods Project, an interfaith effort to promote greater understanding about how to grow, process and market food according to religions teachings and ethics was sponsored by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation under a three year grant from 2004-2007. 

Serving as a forum for religious, civic and business leaders to bring a faith perspective to modern concerns about health, society, sustainability and animal welfare, the Sacred Foods Project expanded the market for ethically produced foods among communities of faith and religious institutions. 

Learn more about the Sacred Foods Project, it's accomplishments and resources.


Working for Justice:

Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development. (November 2010) ALEPH joined the Women, Faith and Development Alliance in calling for a meeting with the members of the National Security Council to discuss the implementation of the call to focus on investing in women and girls as a core approach to international development under this policy.

Paycheck Fairness Act (November 2010) ALEPH joins the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, Hadassah, the Union for Reform Judaism and dozens of other Jewish and other faith based organizations in supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act, with the goal of providing safeguards for women as victims of workplace pay discrimination.

Fellowship in Prayer. ALEPH is a participating partner in the 60th annual FIP conference, "Prayer: an Answer for the 21st Century" June 24-27, 2010 at Princeton University. For more information about the conference click here.

Right to Marry Resolution (August 2008): Marriage has been a protected human right since time immemorial. The time has come to extend that right to same sex couples.  Read the full Resolution.

Resolution on AgriProcessors (August 2008): In light of recent credible allegations of abuses of workers' rights and cruelty to animals, ALEPH and OHALAH have issued a Resolution calling upon kashrut certification professionals to withhold certification and consumers to avoid purchasing products from AgriProcessors, a major vendor of "kosher" meats. Read the full Resolution.

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education (August 2008) . ALEPH endorsed an effort spearheaded by the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing in support of comprehensive, medically accurate, age appropriate sexuality education for children and youth. -- Endorsed June 2008

Download the full text of the letter signed by ALEPH and over 140 other religious organizations from many different faith communities.

National Religious Leadership Roundtable for GLBT Equality

Mazon: working to end hunger

And you shall love your friend as yourself (Leviticus 19:18) --Same-Sex Kidushin v-Nisu’in
ALEPH proudly announces the publication of a ground-breaking paper on same-sex marriage by rabbinical student Eyal Levinson. Working within the parameters of halachic discussion, particularly as described by Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits in his book "Not In Heaven," Levinson develops an argument which draws on classical sources even as it demonstrates the necessity of going beyond them in the service of the ethical. The paper, which includes a suggested k'tubah / marriage contract for same-sex couples and a special afterward by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, is available from the ALEPH ReSources Catalog.

Funds raised for Memorial to 19th Century Woman Rebbe. --With the inspiration of our founder, Reb Zalman, funds were raised to purchase a stone for the recently discovered Jerusalem gravesite of Hannah Rachel Verbermacher, better known as "The Maiden of Ludmir,” Hannah Rachel was one of the few woman rebbes in the history of the Hasidic movement and is an inspiration to women today.

Full article.


Reb Zalman’s address to a two-day academic conference, “Tibet in the Contemporary World,” held at the University of British Columbia, April 19 and 20, 2004. --ALEPH is proud to post this address, a message of hope and healing, given by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi at a roundtable of international visionary thinkers including the Dalia Lama and Nobel Laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Dr. Shirin Ebadi as well as former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, and Dr. Jo-ann Archibald of Canada’s First Nations community.