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Volunteer Opportunities with ALEPH

1. Volunteer Manager for ALEPH's "Chai" (Sustaining Donor) Campaign.

The ideal candidate will have:

- existing knowledge or willingness to learn about and represent ALEPH and its programs

- training, experience and demonstrated success in grassroots fundraising campaigns

- excellent verbal and written communication skills

The job requires 5-10 hours per week contacting potential donors and second tier solicitors, sending out materials and updates and working closely with the Board member chairing this campaign, as well as with ALEPH support staff.

Contact David Brown, Operations Manager or Joe Laur, Executive Director

2.Volunteer with a commitment to progressive, spiritual Judaism and media/PR

experience to help write press releases and follow up on the phone with local and

national press to increase visibility of ALEPH and Jewish Renewal (2-5 hours per

week). Can work from home. Joe Laur, Executive Director.

3. Volunteer with a passion for applying spiritual and ethical values to

food production, processing, marketing and consumption to do outreach to the
Jewish community educating organizations about ALEPH's Sacred Foods Project
and encouraging them to avail themselves of our free on-line resources (2hours

per week). Can work from home. Contact Joe Laur, Executive Director.

4. Volunteer with experience administering silent and live auctions to work
an average of 3-5 hours per week from January to July every odd-numbered

year plus a full week on site at the ALEPH Kallah, generally the 4th of July

week. Work-study plus travel stipend to this fabulous event is a benefit.
Knowledge of "Ready Set Auction" software a big plus. Driving proximity to
the site is also a plus. The Kallah rotates regionally (2009 Midwest, 2011
Northwest, 2013 Northeast, 2015 Southwest). Can work from home.

Contact David Brown, Operations Manager.

5. Tech savvy person with experience doing website maintenance with
Contribute or Dreamweaver to work in ALEPH’s Philadelphia office on an
as-needed basis (average about 2-3 hours per week).

Contact Rivkah Walton, Associate Director.

6. Member services assistant to work daytime hours in ALEPH’s Philadelphia
office to help with mailings and voicemail reminders to member households to
renew their membership (average 4-10 hours monthly).

Contact Rivkah Walton, Associate Director.