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ALEPH is supported primarily by gifts from individual donors. Anyone who gives an annual gift is considered an ALEPH member and receives our newsletter, Kol ALEPH, published three times per year. Members receive discounts on many ALEPH programs and products and may join our member discussion list, a lively and informative on-line community.

ALEPH does not deny membership to anyone because of inability to pay. If you cannot afford a donation of $54 (individual) or $72 (household)--if you are unemployed, on a fixed or low income, hospitalized, etc.--please give what you can or just contact our staff to request a free, renewable one-year membership. You will receive all the benefits of membership and we will send you a reminder annually, to which you may respond either by becoming a donor/member or by requesting an extension of your free membership.

What does it mean to be an ALEPH member?


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