Jewish Messianism

Judaism expresses it ongoing desire and hope for transformation through messianism. The forms that messianism has taken have changed and are changing along with our evolving reality-maps. The term that what was once used for the anointment of Cyrus and later  the return of the Davidic messiah has now in stages  morphed to Reb Zalman’s  description of  “moshiach as a transformative principle.”  Reb Zalman teaches that messianism is for Jews our teleology. Messianism expresses the values that draw us into the future at any given time. We also will be mindful of Gershom Scholem’s warning that there is “a deep, dangerous and destructive dialectic in the messianic idea...we have generally chosen to ignore the fact that the Jewish people have paid a very high price for the messianic idea.”

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