Midrash from a Renewal Perspective: Contemporary PaRDeS

This course will offer a deep engagement with Torah text using the diverse tools of old and new midrash aggadah. Together we will mine the Torah itself, first holistically activating our own integrated selves as midrashists, and then turning to ancient rabbinic aggadah as well as contemporary forms such as poetry, prose and music. This Jewish Renewal perspective will open gates to new ways and new perspectives (e.g., feminist, masculinist, queer, environmentalist, etc.) of approaching Torah text with the folks we serve as rabbis, rabbinic pastors and cantors. Through our learning together, we will strengthen our own ability to guide our ‘folk’ on the paths of their own fully engaged and holistically integrated experience of Torah and more meaningful Jewish lives. Basic comprehension of Midrash Rabbah level Hebrew is desirable for this course as each student will be expected to read aloud, translate and facilitate a discussion of a Hebrew text.

Rabbinic Pastor
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RP: ALEPH Required