Sacred Text and Hashpa’ah

We will be studying parashiot selected for the general themes of spiritual development they represent. Our focus will be: to read and understand the narrative in both Hebrew and English; to meditate upon the readings to discern what personal spiritual message(s) and sense of God’s presence in our lives the text raises; to learn how to incorporate personal spiritual experience into a dvar Torah, and involve participants in discussion. talmidim should study an aliyah of each parshah daily for each of the 13 weeks of the class, so that the entire Torah reading becomes a personal guide to the talmidim' inner lives and spiritual concerns.  The guiding question is, "How is God speaking to you through Torah (or how do you discern God’s presence in your life through the parshah), what is the message, and how can you incorporate this into your personal and professional life? After the sharing of the dvar Torah and reflections of the presenter, they will facilitate the rest of the group in a hashpa'ah format (to be discussed the first week) to share what arises for them in response.

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Hashpa'ah: ALEPH Required
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