High Holidays 2020 with Rabbi Shefa Gold

A Contemplative, Ecstatic, Transformative Journey Through the Days of Awe

From Rabbi Shefa Gold:

During the High Holy Days, I have always yearned for simplicity, silence, spaciousness and the companionship of spirit-buddies who might share this inner journey of reflection in preparation for renewal and realignment. Our High Holy Day practice will includes chant, Movement, silence, poetry, teaching and some of the traditional liturgy. It will include a Torah service with group aliyot and blessings on both Rosh Hashanah Day and Yom Kippur. Each service will offer the opportunity to dive deep into silence by including a 20 minute silent Amida. You are welcome to come to all or some of the stops on this journey. 

The journey will consist of:

- Weekly Elul letters to help in entering the process of realignment at this special time

- 4 Thursday evening KZOOM sessions focusing on our T’shuvah work
     - Thursdays: August 20, August 27, September 3, September 10
          - 8 - 9:30 pm EDT (5 - 6:30 pm PDT)

- Erev Rosh Hashanah 
     - Friday, September 18
          - 8 - 10 pm EDT (5 - 7 pm PDT)

- Rosh Hashanah Day 
     - Saturday, September 19
          - 11 am - 2 pm EDT (8 - 11 am PDT)
          - Taschlich and spirit-buddy launch | 5 - 7 pm EDT (2 - 4 pm PDT) 

- Kol Nidre - Yom Kippur with special guest Talya Buckbinder, assistant principal cellist for the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra  
     - Sunday, September 27
          - 6 - 9 pm EDT (3 - 6 pm PDT)

- Yom Kippur Day which will include Morning, Musaf, Yizkor, Mincha, Avodah and Ne’ila practices, plus various workshops led by Kol Zimra Alumni
     - Monday, September 28
          - 11 am - 8pm EDT (8 am - 5 pm PDT) 

Cost: Suggested donation of $180 per person

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephanie at tikshoret@aleph.org.

If you are already a monthly contributor to Rabbi Shefa Gold, please email tikshoret@aleph.org.