Sexuality and Gender in Tanakh

Discussion of sexual boundaries, narratives of sexual abuse and sexual violence, tales of an apparent erotic eden – it’s all to be found in Tanakh. We will explore the way sexuality is described, depicted and legislated in Tanakh, including prohibited, apparently prohibited and permitted sexual relationships among human beings. Our sources will include primary texts, midrashic discussions on the same, and academic commentaries. We will ask how these texts can be read, taught, and understood for our own time.

Pedagogy: Teaching Tefillah

This seminar establishes a methodological approach to the teaching of the Siddur and the Mahzor. Theological issues arising from these prayer books will be discussed. Affective approaches that complement cognitive and skill learning will be explored. Observation and micro-teaching are required.

Defining Identity, Belonging, and Community

(formerly Jewish Life in the Middle Ages: Cross and the Crescent).

The rabbinic project emerges with force beginning in the 6th century, and it becomes the defining system for Jews across much of the globe. Why is medieval Judaism pivotal in defining what American Jews know of as “traditional Judaism”? Our goal will be to ask what the philosophical, mystical, and historical legacy of the medieval world is and can be for Jewish Renewal.