Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Program

The D.Min.

NYTS and The ALEPH Ordination Program offer a coordinated program of studies leading to the award of the NYTS Doctor of Ministry D.Min. degree for Jewish clergy with specialties in Spiritual Direction or Liturgy. 

The program will typically require 2 years at NYTS.  Additionally, the ALEPH Ordination component of the Program requires 12 units of coursework either in Spiritual Direction or Liturgical Arts, with credit given for approved comparable courses in other educational venues.  The NYTS component includes a core seminar, preparing for and selecting a thesis project, and supervised writing of the thesis.

Students in the program are able to transfer work completed in the ALEPH Ordination Programs to the NYTS Doctor of Ministry, allowing them to complete demonstration projects in Spiritual Direction or Liturgical Arts. Candidates will fulfill initial course requirements through the ALEPH Ordination Program and then participate in the NYTS-Auburn Multi-faith Doctor of Ministry track for final courses and thesis supervision. Members of both the NYTS and ALEPH faculty will serve as advisors for the projects and theses. 

Students and Clergy from Seminaries outside ALEPH

Candidates for the D.Min. degree can be accepted on the basis of study (or ordination as clergy) from any approved seminary.  Advanced standing will be offered on the customary basis of course equivalency.  All students, regardless of previous study, will be required to take the practica described in Block I of either track. An additional minimum of 3 units must be taken from offerings within this program.  Courses needed to meet Admission requirements will count towards these 3 units.

General Admission Requirements

i.  Demonstrate aptitude for advanced study and training, including the capacity for research into models of spiritual direction or liturgical, ritual practice 

ii.  Hold an M.Div. degree or the equivalent, or be in a process that will complete this degree or equivalency prior to completing the D.Min. program.   Rabbinical/Cantorial candidates must have completed the equivalent of 20 AOP units of such study towards their ordination.

iii.  Have served in a ministerial clergy capacity or professional equivalent for three 3 years.  Demonstrate that a context of ministerial service currently exists that will remain stable through the completion of the D.Min. program - or that such context will be in place prior to the beginning of design of the Final Project.

Core Admission Requirements

iv.  Mastery of Biblical Hebrew to a level that allows for comprehension of basic narrative texts from the Jewish lectionary

v.  Mastery of Siddur and Liturgy to a level that allows for comprehension of basic prayers.

vi.  Demonstrate studies in the following areas - equivalent to a 1 semester graduate course

• Rabbinic Literature

• Jewish history and thought

• Introduction to Academic Historical/Critical study of the Bible 

Spiritual Direction Track

Liturgy Track

NYTS Requirements for Both Tracks

NYTS Intensives and Study in Preparation for Thesis Project (NYTS Multi-Faith Program) - 6 NYTS credits  (two seminars)

These Multi-Disciplinary Seminars meet over the course of two semesters at NYTS in NYC, and provide a context for students to explore the academic context of their depth training and to make final selection of a Demonstration Project that will integrate advanced, expert professional practice with research and evaluative methodologies. The Seminar will include depth training in methodologies appropriate to the emerging interests of students within the seminar.

Admission to the seminar is dependent upon completion of at least 6 of the 9 AOP units from Blocks I and II in either Track

NYTS Thesis/Demonstration Project - 3 NYTS credits (one course)

The thesis will be written to offer the theoretical context against which the Demonstration Project has been designed, with analysis of methods and of preparation. The thesis will also offer rigorous evaluation and reflection on the execution of the project.

Partnership between ALEPH and NYTS 

Students completing blocks I – II can begin the NYTS Multi-Disciplinary Seminars in preparation for the thesis project, after which they commence their work towards the Demonstration Project/Thesis, under the supervision of an approved Thesis Director, leading to the award of the D.Min. from NYTS.

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