Organic Torah

Organic Torah

Director: Rabbi Dr. Natan Margalit

cdeep_main_photo.jpgOrganic Torah integrates ancient Jewish wisdom with new directions in modern thought such as ecological and systems thinking which emphasize networks of relationship, context and patterns of connection. This new approach to Jewish texts focuses on their patterns, recovers their organic vibrancy, and opens them up so that we can see their relevance to modern lives.

Bringing together old and new, science and religion, heart and mind, Organic Torah is planting the seeds of a new Tree of Life, bringing excitement and creativity back to Judaism and bringing to bear ancient wisdom to help solve the urgent problems of our world.

Upcoming Events with Organic Torah

Sources of Wisdom: A Five-Part Series in Earth-Based Jewish Practice

Dates and Times: 

Sunday, May 2, 12 - 1:30 pm EDT 

Wednesday, May 26, 7 - 8:30 pm EDT 

Wednesday, June 16, 7 - 8:30 pm EDT 

Wednesday, August 4, 12 - 1:30 pm EDT 

Sunday, August 15, 4 - 5:30 pm EDT 

Cost: $54 for the whole series. $18 per class. Register for the whole series and get 5 classes for the price of 3! Free of charge to past and current Kesher Fellows. 

Led by: This five-part Series will be facilitated by Earth-Based Judaism Director and Organic Torah Founder Rabbi Dr. Natan Margalit, and Kesher Director Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife.  Individual sessions will be hosted by talented teachers in the diverse emerging field of Earth-Based Judaism. This series is co-sponosred by ALEPH’s Organic Torah Program and ALEPH’s Kesher Fellowship. 

Description: In Judaism, all life can be seen as sources of Wisdom— that is what we mean by Organic Torah. Since we understand Torah to be the Tree of Life, we can find Torah wisdom wherever we find life. This series will feature five distinct sources of wisdom: earth, body, text, story and community. Each session will be led by a talented young teacher in the emerging field of Earth-Based Judaism. During each session, these teachers will also be in dialogue with Organic Torah founder Rabbi Natan Margalit and Kesher Program Director Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife. Join us as we explore together the many sources of our wisdom! 

Sources of Wisdom: Earth 

Sunday, May 2

12 - 1:30 pm EDT  

Led by: Shani Mink, Jewish Farmer Network Co-Founder and Executive Director  

Jewish tradition is built upon a deep listening to the wisdom of the Earth. Join Shani Mink of the Jewish Farmer Network to explore what our precious Earth has to teach us. Together, we will tap into the wisdom of the lands we inhabit and investigate how Shmitah instructs us to sit at the feet of the land as our greatest teacher. 

Sources of Wisdom: Torah

Wednesday, May 26

7 - 8:30 pm EDT 

Led by: Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife and Rabbi Dr. Natan Margalit 

In this session, we'll explore the ways that The Torah— our Tree of Life— and other Jewish sacred texts are living sources of nourishment. The more we delve into Jewish sacred texts, the more we see that they are organic and follow the same principles and patterns as all life: inter-connectedness and fractal structure, emergence and adaptation, freedom and unpredictability. Explore with us how a midrash is like an organic farm, how the Sh’ma is like a fractal, and more.  

Sources of Wisdom: Body 

Wednesday, June 16

7 - 8:30 pm EDT 

Led by: Yoshi Silverstein, Mitsui Collective Founder & Executive Director 

This session will bring us into connection with the physical and spiritual dimensions of rest and release during the coming Shmitah year. We’ll focus on grounding in our bodies and the spaces immediately surrounding us through movement and breathwork practices that help us attune to being and moving in our bodies with presence and creative expression. We’ll then extend our movement and embodiment into practices that take us into deeper connection with the natural world and the nested ecologies of self, community, ecosystem, and beyond. 

Sources of Wisdom: Story  

Wednesday, August 4 

12 - 1:30 pm EDT 

Led by: Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, Co-Creater of Yelala and Storyteller, AOP Rabbinic Student 

More information coming soon! 

Sources of Wisdom: Community 

Sunday, August 15 

4 - 5:30 pm EDT

Led by: Carly Sugar, Adamah Fellowship Director  

In a world ever-focused on the individual, what wisdom does community have to offer?  Adamah Fellowship Director, Carly Sugar will share the "how" behind the Adamah magic—  touching on creating open and safe learning environments, microbial community wisdom, and Jewish communal tools of resilience.

Though participants are encouraged to register for the entire series, classes may be taken individually. Learn more at the registration link below. Recordings will be made available for those unable to attend every class in real time. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Register Online Here for the Whole Series!

Read more about the brand new partnership between ALEPH and Organic Torah

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is excited to welcome Organic Torah as an official program. Focusing on wholeness, integration and wisdom, Organic Torah works to plant the seeds for a renewed Tree of Life. Organic Torah will extend and expand ALEPH’s current offerings, which include programs such as C-DEEPTikshoret ConnectionsBeloved Land: Israel and Palestine through the Kaleidoscopethe Kesher Fellowship, and Kallah.

Founded in 2011 by Rabbi Natan Margalit, Organic Torah is both a project and a way of being/thinking that integrates ancient Jewish wisdom with new directions in modern thought such as ecological and systems thinking which emphasize networks of relationship, context and patterns of connection.

As a project of ALEPH, Organic Torah will continue to offer publications, conferences, retreats and workshops. In addition, plans are in place to integrate Organic Torah into ALEPH’s existing offerings as well as develop new programming.

Read the full announcement on the KolALEPH blog.