Wisdom From Reb Zalman: Embracing the Jewish Spirit

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z"l (1924 - 2014) lived a calling to reach and touch people in deeply spiritual, supportive, and Jewishly profound ways. Many of those alienated from the forms of Judaism familiar to them, upon encountering him, would soon enter in the renewal of Jewish spirit. He was both a sage and a renaissance person—modeling how to bridge science and spirituality, pre-war European and 21st Century Judaism, patriarchy and feminism, tradition and innovation, Jewish faith and many faiths.

How did Reb Zalman z"l engage and guide in ways that touched and transformed so many? The answers shine through these 250 vignettes written by 118 of his students and colleagues from across the spectrum of Jewish life. Prepare to be challenged and inspired by Reb Zalman's adventurous and innovative ways of connecting and guiding Jewish journeys.


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"It is impossible to read one vignette of Reb Zalman without going on to another, and another, and another."

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Author, Words That Hurt, Words That Heal


"Within minutes of opening this remarkable volume, I found myself weeping tears of joy. Whether you knew Reb Zalman or not, you will find him in these pages, meeting you with his uncommonly wise, intimate, and utterly loving presence."

Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone 
Author, The Receiving and With Roots In Heaven


“This book—more than any I know—allows you to hear his extraordinary voice."

Arthur Kurzweil
Author, On the Road With Rabbi Steinsalz