Thank YOU for making the Reb Zalman Memorial Event a Huge Success

Chevre, We want to thank the entire Jewish Renewal community and our many friends and allies for the tremendous success of the Reb Zalman Tribute event in Boulder last month. The messages of gratitude, blessings and awe have been rolling in ever since the moment the event concluded.

Nearly a thousand people attended the event, over 450 in person and over 600 participated in the live streaming, making this one of the largest Jewish Renewal gatherings ever. This historic event was successful in all four worlds, providing support for Eve to conserve Reb Zalman’s work and legacy, providing support for ALEPH to continue its work of fostering Jewish Renewal worldwide, and filling many hearts, minds and souls with Reb Zalman’s presence, thought, and memory.

We want to offer special todot/thanks and k’vod/honor — to the Planning Committee who volunteered long hours to design the program; the Host committee who underwrote a large portion of the cost and made the event viable, the ALEPH staff who put in many hours, both on and offsite to make the logistics flow, and everyone in every Jewish Renewal corner of the world who spread the word, donated funds, and participated in some way.

Host Committee

Binah Block Jack and Judith Lief

Tzaddikim Helena Rachel Foster Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Rabbi Jeff Roth & Joanna Katz

Hassidim Esther & Zeh Amarante Andalin Alan Bachman Judith Dack Linda Jo Doctor & Rabbi Elliott Ginsburg Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer Lucinda Kurtz & Oran Hesterman Linda Greene Susan Raskin Abrams Sara Schley & Joe Laur Eliana Nadyne Lee Jade Netanya Ullmann Rabbi Jay Weinstein Florence Witonsky

Program and Planning Committee Rabbi Phyllis Berman Rabbi Tirzah Firestone Janice Rubin Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph Special thanks Jeremy Parnes, ALEPH Board Chair and Judith Dack

ALEPH Staff David Brown, Director of Operations Ming Shem Lu, Ordination Program Administrator & Program and Retreat Registrations Lynda Simons, Finance and Membership Coordinator And our hardworking meeting planner, Liz Anthony of E. Anthony Meetings & Events, Inc.

Decorator of the Sacred Space at Omni and Boulder Theater Rev. Sandy Pond Jackie Olenick Shelley Goldberg

We want to give a special call out those who taught and led the program over the weekend. They came on their own ticket, at their own cost, and gave beautifully to the kahal.

They include:

Rabbi Arthur Waskow Rabbi Rachel Barenblat Rabbi Phyllis Berman Rabbi Lori Klein Rabbi Hannah Dresner Rabbi Nadya Gross Rabbi Victor Gross Rabbi Tirzah Firestone Rabbi Marcia Prager Cantor Jack Kessler Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Rabbi Shaya Isenberg Reverend Bahira Sugarman Rabbi Jeff Roth Rabbi Michael Paley Father Matthew Fox Acharya Judith Lief Rabbi Art Green Chazzan Richard Kaplan Sheldon Sands Murshid Allaudin Ottinger Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny Rabbi Jack Gabriel Rodger Kamenetz Cantor Cindy Freedman Janice Rubin Sharon Alexander Karen Roekard Amitai Gross Hal Aqua Ben Cohen Anthony Salvo Eve Ilsen Seth Fishman Rabbi David Zaslow Rabbi Elyse Seidner Joseph Rabbi Burt Jacobson Rabbi Jeff Roth Rabbi Goldie Milgram Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin Rabbi Leah Novick Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg Rabbi Chava Bahle Rabbi Diane Elliot Shir Yaakov Feit Rabbi Shalom Schachter Rabbi Julie Danan Barbara Breitman Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper Shoshana Cooper Linda Jo Doctor Rabbi Anne Brener Ellen Kaufman Dosick Rabbi Wayne Dosick Rabbi Ed Stafman Rabbi Paula Marcus Rabbi Tsurah August Rabbi Raachel Jurovics Denise Davis Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser Donald Gardiner Rabbi Dan Gordon

 Many blessings to you all. May the Source of All grant us peace and long life; may Reb Zalman’s soul soar ever higher, and his memory and legacy be all-ways for a blessing.