Ruach Ha'Aretz Summer Retreat

Ruach Ha'Aretz

Ruach Ha’Aretz 2017

Ruach Ha’Aretz will take place at Stony Point Center
in Stony Point, NY
on July 10-16, 2017.

L’takken Olam: Healing All the Worlds – No Exceptions!

As Ruach Ha’Aretz gathers in 2017, we hear the Spirit of the Earth calling us, in the words of the Aleynu, “L’takken olam b’malkhut Shaddai – To heal the world through the majesty of Nurture.”

This challenge calls us to the work of both inner and outer transformation. As we seek to heal and transform the world, we will find ourselves transformed; as we work to transform ourselves, we find our Earth transforming.

Embodying the Spirit of the Earth / Ruach Ha’Aretz, we meet this challenge to heal by exploring ways, old and new, to express wonder, celebration, joy and awe; to understand, to sing and to dance Torah anew; to connect deeply with other cultures; and to actively give birth to social change.

In collaboration with all Beings, we empower each other to become the whole beings we are meant to be. We believe, at Ruach Ha’Aretz, that all the love and passion within us mingles with the wisdom of our inheritance, bringing inner harmony and joy, helping to heal all the worlds.


If you were with us at Ruach Ha'Aretz 2015, we’d love to receive copies of your photos and videos taken during the retreat. You can become a fan of 'Ruach Ha'Aretz – ALEPH's Mobile Retreat Center' on Facebook and upload your pictures then and there, or, email them to us at: Or, mail a CD to us at 1612 Holeman Dr., Erie, CO 80516. Also, if you have not yet shared your experience with us, please click on this evaluation form.

Ruach Ha'Aretz

What is Ruach Ha'Aretz?

We provide a container for deepening Jewish Spiritual experience and expression; we promote ecological awareness and sustainability.

A day at Ruach Ha'Aretz....

Every morning begins with an opportunity to enter into the Divine Embrace through prayer, movement, or silence. Then plunge into a deep encounter with our theme and the teachers of your choice. Delicious meals and the sweet encounters with other retreat participants will provide nourishment between the spiritual and intellectual courses. Following our afternoon classes, Mincha Time offers opportunities for enrichment... and rest. Our entire community will gather each evening for programs that celebrate and enhance our experience, with beautiful music, moving poetry, dancing, drumming circles, lively discussions and inspired dream work. Our week together will lead to a Shabbat full of beauty and love in which the davvening may become the fullest expression of our true selves.

Ruach Kids

Ruach Kids – Exciting Programs for Children and Teens

Ruach Ha’Aretz sets the standard for fabulously fun and creative programs for children.

We use Torah learning, stories, field trips, and hands-on projects to help the group viscerally experience deep interconnectedness.

For children ages 5-14, our Ruach Kids village will offer your child an Earth-based Jewish educational program that is fun, alive, adventure filled, and deeply meaningful. Ruach Kids  takes a central role in the larger Ruach Ha’Aretz gathering, inspiring a culture of multi-generational connection. Children will be immersed in a Jewish culture that models peer support and collaboration, nonviolent communication, nature awareness, practices of ecological sustainability, and Jewish learning. Through introduction to plant and natural ecosystems, music and art in nature, Hebrew chant and prayer, Jewish study, yoga and dance, storytelling, and talking circles this program will nurture and grow your child’s relationship to the beauty and wisdom of all of creation.

Ruach Ha’Aretz may also provide childcare for pre-school age children. Please contact us if you’re planning to bring a child under 5 years of age.

Older teens may choose to attend any of the adult classes and workshops or serve as staff in the Ruach Kids program. If your teen would like to assist with Ruach Kids, please indicate on the registration form, and one of the program directors will contact her/him for an interview.